New Media Journalism thesis project, ‘Generation Craft Beer’, just launched

“Generation ‘Craft Beer’: The symbiotic relationship between Millennials and the alcohol industry’s fastest-growing segment in Atlanta” Dylan Goldman explores the relationship millennials have with the craft beer industry, as consumers and business owners, and the possible connection between millennial population growth and craft beer/brewery

New research proves Georgia Millennials, microbreweries directly related

Last month, DSG Media published a multimedia project that explored the possibility of a correlation between Millennials and craft beer in the state of Georgia. After analyzing the population data versus the number of breweries in the state over the

Destroying a monument won’t take back slavery, eradicate racism

 “Whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners to it.” –Barack Obama Last month, in the wake of the horrific murders of nine African Americans at their church in Charleston, S.C., Richard Rose, President of the NAACP’s Atlanta

Good Chemistry: Flavoring beer with common beer esters

Although it may seem otherwise, it actually is not magic that gives certain beers their fruity notes and aromas; It’s chemistry. From full-bodied flavors of banana or apple, to subtle notes of passion fruit, mango or pineapple, alcohol esters are a naturally occurring result

Trickle down ‘brew’-conomics: Beer Growlers

America’s cup-runneth over when it comes to the fast-growing craft beer industry. And although Atlanta may not be the frothy head sitting atop the industry’s proverbial mug, it is quickly on the rise. In 2013, Atlanta welcomed eight new breweries to its ranks; then

Large breweries get ‘crafty’ to get consumers to purchase their products

This year, the craft beer industry reached an all-time high in the United States, with one out of every 10 beers is produced by a craft brewer, according to Forbes. Production and market shares are at also at an all

Impending ‘Boom’: New Georgia fireworks law lights up year-round concern for owners of anxious pets

Georgia residents will no longer have to cross state lines, and break state laws, to purchase aerial fireworks beginning July 1. On May 5, Nathan Deal signed House Bill 110, legalizing all types of fireworks in the state. Previously, only

Context is everything

Legend in Progress: Musician Arrie Bozeman’s melodious journey

Local musician and Decatur, Georgia native Arrie Bozeman, 28, is fully immersed in all-things music – from songwriting and playing live shows to building and repairing guitars. Her passion for music has her set on the path of a life as a