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Face-to-Facebook: Expert Pavica Sheldon on the social networking site and its impact on interpersonal communication

[avatar user=”” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”] [/avatar] By Dylan S. Goldman Dr. Pavica Sheldon spends a lot of time Facebooking at work. That’s because for the University of Alabama – Huntsville professor, Facebook is work. For almost a decade, Dr. Sheldon has

The ‘AfterLike’: Facebook’s new “Legacy Contact” feature keeps users “checked-in” long after they “check out”

[avatar user=”” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”” target=”_blank” /] By Dylan S. Goldman 02/15/2015 If you have ever wondered what will happen to your Facebook page when you die, wonder no more: Facebook’s new ‘Legacy Contact‘ feature grants your memory- and home page –

Re: “elationships”: Millennials rewriting the laws of attraction

      [avatar user=”” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”” target=”_blank” /]By Dylan S. Goldman 02/09/2015 From how we shop to how we socialize, the Web has given a virtual face-lift to all things old fashioned. Its reach goes so far, in fact,