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Review: Gordon Parks’ “Segregation Story” on exhibit at the High Museum of Art

[flagallery gid=2] Twelve of the over 40 photographs that comprise “Gordon Parks: Segregation Story“, had never been shown publicly until they went on exhibit last fall at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, an acquisition that has significantly strengthened the museum’s

Face-to-Facebook: Expert Pavica Sheldon on the social networking site and its impact on interpersonal communication

[avatar user=”” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”] [/avatar] By Dylan S. Goldman Dr. Pavica Sheldon spends a lot of time Facebooking at work. That’s because for the University of Alabama – Huntsville professor, Facebook is work. For almost a decade, Dr. Sheldon has

The ‘AfterLike’: Facebook’s new “Legacy Contact” feature keeps users “checked-in” long after they “check out”

[avatar user=”” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”” target=”_blank” /] By Dylan S. Goldman 02/15/2015 If you have ever wondered what will happen to your Facebook page when you die, wonder no more: Facebook’s new ‘Legacy Contact‘ feature grants your memory- and home page –

Re: “elationships”: Millennials rewriting the laws of attraction

      [avatar user=”” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”” target=”_blank” /]By Dylan S. Goldman 02/09/2015 From how we shop to how we socialize, the Web has given a virtual face-lift to all things old fashioned. Its reach goes so far, in fact,

‘Anti’-Social Media: The irony of online networking

[avatar user=”” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /] By Dylan S. Goldman 01/13/2015 There’s no doubt about it: the world, and everything in it, is steadily becoming digitized – even down to the way we communicate. Since 1980, when we first entered the “Digital

Video and Radio Sued the YouTube Star: One year, $1 billion after the crackdown

This month marks the one-year anniversary since YouTube began actively policing copyrighted material via their Content ID System; a crackdown that, according to “Billboard Magazine”, has resulted in a $1 billion payout to owners of copyrighted material. “Plagiarism Today” author

The Conundrum of Reporter’s Privilege

On November 19th, Rolling Stone published an article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely entitled, “A Rape on Campus”, which alleged the recent gang-rape of a woman referred to as “Jackie”, and discussed the University’s failure to respond to the alleged attack

Let the ‘Sunshine’ In: How tech-savvy parents use the Open Records Act to illuminate, avoid potential dangers

Contrary to the opinions of today’s youth, there is more to the Internet than just Snapchat and Instagram. In fact, today’s parent, many of whom are of members of the MTV Generation, have made life decisions based solely upon the invaluable information they

The Fountain of ‘Brewth’: Ponce de Leon beer fest taps kegs to help kids

  Beer-lovers and brewmasters came together last Saturday for the second annual Ponce de Leon Beer Festival at the Yaarab Shrine on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta. One of the five events listed on Creative Loafing’s “Things to Do” list, the festival featured craft beers from over

Meet the Millennials

A digital catalog about the MTV Generation’s younger counterpart, Generation Y, a.k.a. The Millennials.

Steve Buttry: Socializing the News Media

A household name amongst journalists worldwide, journalist Steve Buttry sits atop the social media ladder as the nation’s “go-to” guy on digitizing the newsroom and the marriage of journalism and social networking. Buttry’s climb to the top of the proverbial ladder

The ‘AfterLike’: Facebook’s new “Legacy” feature keeps users “checked-in” long after they “check out”

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your Facebook page when you die?   If that sounds like a silly question to you – believe it or not – you’re in the minority.   According to a recent article