New research proves Georgia Millennials, microbreweries directly related

Last month, DSG Media published a multimedia project that explored the possibility of a correlation between Millennials and craft beer in the state of Georgia.

After analyzing the population data versus the number of breweries in the state over the same five-year time span, the conclusion was that as the population of Millennials grows, so do the number of microbreweries.

But it is common knowledge – which just-so-happens to be validated with scientific research – that our minds can play tricks on us. We can remember things that we never actually did, and forget some of the most important moments, and people, in our lives. And as our minds can play those tricks on us, it just as easily can perceive a connection between two things that is not truly there.

Fortunately, there is an exact science to confirm or deny whether there is a relationship between two otherwise unrelated variables, provided they can be represented in numbers over the same frame of time. It’s called math; and in this case, we will use a statistical formula called Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient, or Pearson’s r for short.

The equation is structured to yield a number between -1, 0 and 1. Any number from -1 up to zero indicates a negative correlation; any number greater than zero through 1 indicates a positive correlation; and if the result is 0, there is no relationship.

Data was gathered for the number of microbreweries and Millennials in Georgia over the same five years – 2000, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and then entered into an online Pearson’s r calculator. The answer was .5317, which indicates that there is a moderate, positive relationship between the Millennial population in Georgia and the number of microbreweries in the state.

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