Scam Alerts

Look out, job seekers: Scammers are getting good. They hack into big-name sites, steal website code and graphics, and then set up pages that appear to be bonafide. But they’re not!



Insight Global, LLC.

4170 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Suite 350

 Atlanta, GA 30319 | (404)257-7900 Office

(404)257-1004 Fax | IGI Dial: 1060

 Yesterday, I received a call from a gentleman claiming to be a recruiter from Insight Global. He informed me that I was a perfect fit through a well-paying job through the Home Depot, and asked that I send my resume to him. 

So I did; but not before first removing contact information for references, making the doc. read only, and removing any other sensitive information that I wouldn’t entrust to just anyone. It’s a good thing I did.

I already had a sinking suspicion that the opportunity was too good to be true – because it is!

Click here for Insight Global’s fradulant article, supposedly on Yahoo! Finance.

And this is the original article by Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes Magazine that is posted on Yahoo! Finance.


There is a discrepancy on the Better Business Bureau webpage, as well.

On one of the BBB’s local pages, it show the business is NOT accredited.

Yet on the local Atlanta page, it shows they are, and have an A+.

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