Tattoo artist Cody Smith possesses depth that is more than just ‘Skin Deep’

As a member of a generation that has been labeled lazy, entitled and narcissistic, Millennial Cody Smith is no stranger to stereotypes.

Although despite his accomplishments, twenty-three-year-old Smith, a college educated, light-hearted, hard-working artist, is often unfairly judged simply because of the color – rather, colors – of his skin.

Smith is a tattoo artist; flesh is his canvas, ink his paint and needles his brushes. Like many others in his line of work, Cody is inked from top to bottom, for which he is often misjudged.

Minorities aren’t society’s only “victims”; tattooed people have long been stereotyped as rebellious, irresponsible, uneducated criminals.

In Smith’s case, people’s preconceived judgments couldn’t be further from the truth.

He isn’t a starving artist – he is a man who does what he loves, and loves what he does.

Cody is a mild-mannered, college educated, hard-working Millennial generation Tattoo Artist- and a perfect example as to why you should never judge a book by its cover.

Skin Deep from Dylan Goldman on Vimeo.

Ready for a new tattoo? Go visit Cody at Wicked Cool Tattoos, located at 78 City Square Boulevard in McDonough, GA.

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